Psychological Support / Consultation

Psychological Support / Consultation

Psychological Support / Consultation

For couples who undergo assisted reproduction, in addition to the physical challenges, it is inevitable that they will experience emotions such as anxiety, anger, depression, self-blame, and frustration due to the pressure.

We understand the helplessness and anxiety that couples face when dealing with infertility, so we have established a professional psychological counselling team to accompany them on their journey to parenthood, provide comprehensive psychological assessments, and offer professional counselling and guidance to ease their mental and emotional stress and help them achieve their dreams with peace of mind.

During pregnancy, women may experience physical changes or discomforts and may worry about the development of the fetus, the delivery process, and the care of the baby, which can affect their emotions.

After childbirth, mothers may also have a higher chance of experiencing emotional problems due to hormonal changes, role transitions, and family issues. Postpartum depression not only affects a mother's ability to care for her baby but also affects the baby's physical and mental development and the emotions of the spouse.

If there are emotional changes, as mentioned above, it is important to actively address the issues, communicate with family members, or seek advice from a doctor.

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